Is that MY angel?

3 11 2007

There are times when we are all so in love with our children that it is hard to explain. This for me usually happens unexpectedly. Its the simple things the get me the most, like watching them help another child when crying or hugging their buddies. These probably should not be unexpected, since these events happen all the time, but somehow it is always new. I guess its when we see our children loving, enjoying and caring for others it makes us feel extra deeply proud (for a lack of a better word).

Case in point — our five year old joined church choir — a surprise to me but whatever he wants to do is great — the more well rounded the better. Their first performance was a little bit ago and I expected to be touched, and was, but I didn’t expect why. I figured I would be proud of him standing with the other kids in front of a large group of people (and I was) but what really got me was how. While the rest of the kids stood straight and sang along, ours started to sway and clap like Ray Charles — I loved it — it was great — it is awesome to see your children enjoying themselves. I can’t wait for the next performance.



3 11 2007

I guess the first entry should give a little history — little. PuzzledParent was started a little over a year ago as a result of our 4 year olds constant and puzzling questions. With the help of a friend to design the logo and the basic format of the site I slowly but together a few answers. Finding participants to add to the site has be difficult — there has be genuine interest in the site but getting busy parents to put their interest on paper has been another story. PuzzledPondering has been started to provide an outlet for writing that does not require the research necessary for the PuzzledParent site. Why write? Practice is the main reason and it provides an outlet for the busy parent mind. Also I feel that I have somewhat a interesting perspective on parenting and living as an at-home-dad going on five years (though it may be ending soon). I have also worked with children in most of my careers from outdoor education to museum education and I have even taught on a college level. All have provided a wonderful source of information. Parenting has also been an experience that has outdone all jobs in terms of demands, rewards and learning and hopefully my experiences ideas thoughts and reflections can be entertaining for me to write about and maybe even be interesting to the reader. thanks

Welcome to PuzzledPonderings

23 10 2007

Basic gist. An opportunity for PuzzledParent to write on ideas, thoughts, experiences, and reflections about childhood, children and parenting. Hopefully you will find this relevant and at least mildly entertaining. I will try (try) to update at least weekly and will be covering nothing and everything. I have come up with several categories (see side bar) to basically guide the writings that end up here but there is no real process of direction to this site it is primarily a ‘whatever happens’ site. Hope you enjoy and hope I keep up. Comment if you wish. Thank you, PuzzledParent.